We deeply believe that each of us can be creative and each of us can be an explorer.  It is enough just to look in a different way at the world around us. Reuse-box was created exactly thanks to that completely new look at reality.
The main idea that motivates us is thinking in terms of : “one decision – a lot of benefits.” We were wondering a long time how to design a solution that will be useful for us but also will give benefits to the others. What we can create using our creativity, inspiration, respect for the environment, functionality and what can also support the others?

What is the one thing that you can do that will make the world just a little bit better?

We inspire and help to change the world for better using the rule “one decision – a lot of benefits.” We are creating creative packaging and give our partners the opportunity to positively surprise their customers, whereas people using reuse-box can positively surprise themselves.
Supporting and helping others is an inherent part of the activities our brand. We donate charity the amount of 1 zl from each reuse-box. Everything we show is real.

The idea of reuse is a next creative look at the world around us

  • One solution and many ways of use
  • An activities friendly for environment
  • Quotes so use wisdom and inspirations of the others
  • Supporting charity
  • Anyone can have a benefit of using this and repeat it

What is interesting- you cannot buy reuse-box anywhere. You can only get it from our partners – brands and companies, which share similar values and have a similar philosophy. You can receive reuse-box from them – in return for purchases or taking part in selected events.

Reuse-box is a new proposition on the market – shopping box, which is intended to replace the standard disposable bags. Our patented technology allows for easy folding and unfolding that box. You can put your reuse-box on the shopping trolley or to the trunk of the car. Strong bottom, comfortable handles and closure allow you to carry safely even heavy shopping.